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To coordinate with the corresponding municipal authorities of Manzanillo and the State of Colima so that on the land adjacent to the Cuyutlan Lagoon, located 10 kms southeast of the Port, human dwellings not be permitted until a feasibility study be finalized by API to determine the possible uses and growth plans for the Port.
To coordinate with municipal state and federal authorities in charge of environmental legislation to allow filling in areas that would be used for port activities, like storage, concentration and handling of various merchandise.
To promote the port, its services and tourist attractions in conjunction with state (Colima, Jalisco, Guerrero, Sinaloa) and municipal authorities (Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Mazatlán) in national and international forums related to cruise ships.
To coordinate with the three levels of Government building an overpass located to the north of port Polygon 2 in the Port, where the Pez Vela monument is located, to avoid traffic conflicts between light traffic, tourism, and freight cargo.
Coordinate with the three levels of Government to build a roadway of 4 or more lanes to connect the road between Manzanillo and Jalipa to the bypass, as well as widening to 4 or more lanes the highway between Colima and Cd. Guzmán on the Manzanillo – Guadalajara highway.
Create a study that proposes solutions to the problems with the rail operations within the City, whose results will allow for restructuring entering and exiting times, as well as installing preventive signs necessary to achieve a harmonious growth between this mode of cargo transportation and the community and avoid possible traffic and service problems.
Coordinate with FERROMEX and the three levels of government constructing an overpass that avoid traffic conflicts between vehicular and rail traffic in the area known as “El Tajo”.
Promote with the Federal Government recognizing as bonded areas the multi service patios for rail and trailer trucks located outside of the Port, and to achieve that in these areas, cargo be documented and unitary trains can be formed, resolving congestion problems on the roadways, as well as maneuverability within the Port and how it affects the city’s traffic.
Coordinate with Manzanillo’s municipal authorities and those of the State of Colima the installation of public works in the industrial area located to the north of the Port, to provide better services to the companies related to the port.
To set up a plan to improve the Miguel de la Madrid Boulevard where it is adjacent to the Port.
Establish a program to improve Avenue Teniente Azueta which receives traffic related to the Port.
To create a hydrological study of Tapeixtles, Las Brisas and adjacent areas, to establish a program to build new drains that guarantee an efficient drainage of storm runoff towards the port.
To structure a permanent clean up program for build up in the storm runoff drains.
Coordinate the development of cultural educational and recreational activities related to environmental conservation within the Port and City of Manzanillo.
In order for API to realize projects outside of the Port for the City, they need to be previously authorized by API’s governing body and formalized with the corresponding agreements between the Municipal and City governments.
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