The Community Port Work Together for the Safety and Operational Efficency Through Custom Committee

Gathered at the facilities of the Manzanillo Port Authority (API), representatives of the community port shared their points of views to increase the safety and efficiency in all cargo handling operations, in where transcended the availability and support from the Custom, API, the Mexico Navy, PROFEPA, SEMARNAT and other federal authorities to meet those objectives. 

At this meeting of the custom assistance convened by the Custom Manzanillo, was attended by the customs brokers, shippers, carriers, operators, terminals and warehouses, logistics operators, Mexican Council for Foreign Trade (COMCE Colima) and other sectors that they are part of the Port, who presented their needs and solutions to them, supported by the port authorities. 

Strategic issues for the safety and port efficiency were highlighted, as is the right development of Attachment 29. At the same way, they talked about the importance of moving forward with the new scheme of Certified Companies (NEEC), which describes the required high operating safety for the international exchange of goods.

About that, the Administrator of the Maritime Customs, spoke of the benefits obtained with the certifications in advance, as is the use of the NEEC line to speed up the freight movements, he stood out that the Customs Administration is open to dialogue, listen proposals and work hand in hand with all the port stakeholders in order to raise the competitiveness every day in Manzanillo.

Among the benefits of the NEEC certification the following were mentioned:

• Reduced of the risk of the customs clearance companies, resulting in a lower percentage of customs examinations.
• Preferential access to lanes to expedite goods traffic.
• Personalized service of the management certification of SAT.
• Facilities that allow corrections and agility in foreign trade (general rules established in foreign trade 2015).
• Promotes the improvement in the internal security processes of enterprises. 

On the other hand, they also got to know some of the requirements for this certification, among which are:

• Three years of foreign trade operations.
• Positive Fiscal Review.
• Compliance with the 11 standards agree to the OMA, in every installation of foreign trade:

1. Planning the supply chain.
2. Physical security.
3. Physical access controls.
4. Partner.
5. Process of Safety.
6. Customs Management.
7. Security of containers, trailers and semitrailers.
8. Personnel Security.
9. Security of information and documentation.
10. Training and awareness.
11. Research and incident management.

Baruc de la Fuente said that in Manzanillo there is only one NEEC Custom Broker authorized and one Carrier, while 196 NEEC companies are operating in this custom. He also spoke about authorized projects, such as the construction of new lanes and output modules, two positions on platform for review of refrigerated and construction of lab of Customs in Manzanillo, which will speed up the opinions for goods of difficult recognition. He highlighted that thanks to the gamma rays that the Director of API recently sent to fix, the revisions that previously took 2 hours, now they are making up to 15 minutes, because it already has the correct operation of the all equipment.

For his part, the Director of the Manzanillo Port Authority (API), the Vice Admiral Jorge Bustos Espino, spoke of the work done in all processes to access at the bonded area and go deeper on the importance of the optimal mechanical operation of units of transport, for entering and leaving the port with efficiently, also maintaining the proper function in lanes and access.

The President of the Association of Customs Agents of the Port of Manzanillo, Colima (AAAPUMAC), José Antonio Guerrero Flores, he recognized to the Customs Administration to realize strategic projects for the port, such as opening a new turn to meet schedules operations "peak" hours, to have the platforms to speed the refrigerated goods and to look for the opinions of them will realized right here in Manzanillo to expedite on times, the projects were wanted for a long time, they had not seen and finally were crystallized.

In the meeting also participated the port stakeholders as COMCE Colima, the Carrier Union Cargo Manzanillo (UTCM), the Mexico Navy, the Harbor Master, PROFEPA, SEMARNAT and other port service providers, who noted the importance of continuing work on the same page, to raise the operational efficiency of the Port of Manzanillo.
Last updated on: 02/12/2015 (13:58)